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Moro M9 Vacuum Pump

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Moro M9 Vacuum Pump

The liquid cooled Moro M9 vacuum pump is recommended for heavy duty continuous use applications. The M9 uses positive displacement rotary vanes to create a high degree of vacuum that industrial end users find very useful in varying applications such hydroexcavation projects and many more.

M9 Vacuum Pump Highlights:

  •  High performance, Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in casing
  • High quality Viton oil seals – longer life than traditional oil seals
  • Low rotating speed leads to longer pump life
  • Sealed or oiled bearings – no grease points
  • **29 psi positive pressure capability
  • Direct feed, sealed oiling system
  • Full liquid cooling system with forced circulation through external water pump
  • Recommended for heavy continuous industrial applications

** We recommend use of quality pressure and vacuum relief valves adjusted properly for your system and set per equipment manufacturer’s recommendation. All of our pumps require vac/pressure reliefs for safety.

M9 Models:

CCW rotation – Part # 211000252
CW rotation
– Part # 211000362

Air Flow
@ 15″ Hg
Tank Size
28” Hg
3000 – 6000 Gallons

Hose Size – 4″

* Recommended R.P.M.

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